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May 26, 2011
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Plane of Air: Colossus by stevegoad Plane of Air: Colossus by stevegoad
For the Rift Create a Colossus Contest:

I chose the plane of air mainly because it was the first rift that really marked me. It wasn't even a rift more like a quest but it was an air rift and you had to use an item to kill elite creatures circling it. I stared at it a good while just thinking...whoa now that's cool, before I even started the quest.

This particular colossus I had in mind had 6 heads originally but I was thinking that was a bit over the top. I was looking for a concept that would mesh well with their existing game. The idea is the colossus actually gains it's power through the rift, hence the way the Rift travels through it and the same light is seen in the creature's heads.

He has large wings to keep pesky enemies from getting too close, a tail to cover his back side , sonic damage from it's mouths and oh yeah rift like arms that come out of it's back to reach out and touch someone. And oh yeah, you have to kill all 3 heads to put him down for good. Yeah, I'm thinking that would be either a blast to battle or a real pain. ha!

Created with Open Canvas 5
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dude tottally sick
Don't worry about the heads, as the tentacles will most likely kill you first. The beast is very imposing, the heads all look dangerous, alone they would be off putting, the three together are deadly. I do agree with your choice and opinion, six heads would have been too over the top, the three just seem right, while fighting him might be annoying, it would be amazing if regardless. The battlefield and consequently the rift work well with the behemoth.

Well done, keep it up.
Wow! Absolutely awesome! :D
lpeters Jun 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Definately one of my favourites!
Akdanor Jun 13, 2011   Digital Artist
Great!! I am participating in the contest but I think it would vote in their ;p
Breathtaking piece. :D
goldfishkang Jun 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Beautiful piece, I especially like how you made use of dramatic lighting and a shifted horizon to make it more dynamic :heart:
MournFlower Jun 3, 2011
I use openCanvas 4.5 Plus now, would it worth it to go ahead and upgrade to 5? What's different about it really? o.o;

By the way, this looks fantastic!
wow... just wow...
Amazing job! There's something wrong if you don't at least get into the semifinals.
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